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You may sponsor only one new member per year. You must have been a member for at least two years before you can propose new members.

New member proposals require:

  • Two New Member Recommendations (2 sponsoring members are required)
  • Member Data Form
  • Non-refundable $100 application fee mailed (Fee will be applied to dues upon acceptance. Fee is not refundable if proposed member declines membership).

Both sponsoring members are expected to attend the new member orientation and to introduce their sponsorees at the Opening Cocktail party. Sponsoring members are also listed in the member handbook.

    *Proposed Member

    *Proposed Member Status

    *Sponsor First Name

    *Sponsor Last Name


    *How are you acquainted with the proposed member?

    *How long have you known the proposed member?

    *Please state why you believe the proposed member will make a good addition to the club?